Who We Are

Kris Moulton, MS

Owner of MKC, Practitioner

Kris is the visionary and founder of Moulton Kettlebell Club. He is committed to making MKC an open minded and open hearted place for all fitness levels to come improve the way they move, feel, and become stronger as a result.

It’s More Than Just Lifting Heavy Stuff couldn’t be any more spot on. When he is not focused in on the club, he is home with his family, helping care for his two daughters while his wife finishes Chiropractic College in Dallas, TX.

His mentors include a variety of professionals who are masters in kettlebells, strength training, rehabilitation, manual therapy, coaching, and leadership. It’s these areas and these people who shaped Kris into the leader he is today. He is committed to you and your goals, and will always go the distance to serve the member.

Nathan Worden, MS

Practitioner, Chiropractic Student

Nathan is the resident nerd. If there is an app, protocol, or logical way to do something, he is on it. He is a fantastic teacher and runs a large portion of our workshops, eLearning classes, and webinars. He has both an open heart and mind. When he isn't working he is spending time with his wife, Kelli, growing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As a child and teenager, he held a lot of body weight. In his twenties, he started to grow passionate for the gym and never left. This also led him to a 90 pound weight loss journey. The next part of his journey took him into formal education where he graduated with a BS and MEd. in Kinesiology. Along with his formal education, he holds certifications from numerous agencies which focus on continual pursuit of becoming a better teacher in the art of human movement.

His passion for Servant Leadership ensures that each session is conducted with value, sincerity, and love. The rest of his time is spent with his wife and friends.

What Makes Us Awesome

In case you're wondering what makes us so qualified to help you be your best self:

ACSM Certified Personal Training
ACSM Exercise Medicine Credential
Barefoot Training Specialist
Cooper Institute Biomechanics Resistance Training
Cooper Institute Certified Personal Training
Cooper Institute Functional Fitness Training
Functional Movement Systems
GroundForce Method Instructor
Hardstyle Kettlebell Instructor

NASM Certified Personal Training
NeuroKinetic Therapy
Original Strength Press Reset
PrimalMove Foundations Instructor
RockTape Functional Movement Taping Specialist
Schwinn Cycling Certified Instructor
StrongFirst Kettlebell II Instructor
Trigger Point Therapy

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Address 621 N Main St #415, Grapevine, TX

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