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It is our mission to serve our members in an open minded, educational and friendly environment using tools that are safe, effective, and accommodating to any limitation.

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What Sets Us Apart

Servant Leadership

A strong leader is one who builds up other leaders. A leader is also someone who does not stand behind the team with demands, but rather one who is in front, guiding the team. Leaders’ desire first comes from the passion for serving others. We do not follow a “look at me, do as I do” philosophy. We follow a “come with me, let’s do this together” journey.

We Foster Education

Knowledge, skills, values, and habits are transferred through people by education. Education is the backbone of our craft. We take continuing education seriously, attending seminars and workshops regularly in an effort to better ourselves, our services, and the results of our members.

Committed to Excellence

The act of excellence is not a skill, but a habit. It is something we refine over time and keep our sights set on. It is an attitude one must have to deliver the best they can. We commit as a team to always be ready and open to improvement. We know excellence doesn’t happen overnight, but much like our health, it is a journey.


Intentional, disciplined, and consistent practice to our education is one of our most important core values. We believe in taking as many hours and repetitions as it takes to become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality rests in the hands of mastery. As life long students, we will always put in the time to master the services we provide to our members.

Benefits of Being a Member at MKC

Highly qualified practitioners, combined with full access resources, accountability,
and custom programming to make your experience great.


We provide multiple appointments options to help get you on the right track at the right pace. Members can choose between different types of rehab programs as well as combine different offers. You can't go wrong, and we are here to help make sure you get in the right place with the right people.


Our commitment is to daily access will ensure that you will have options 6 days per week from any of our service.

Semi-Private Appointments

Semi-Private time allows us to focus 1 practitioner to 3 members as they work within a custom designed plan that helps correct, strengthen, and develop the body.

Add On

It's quick and easy to add on any semi-private appointments or private training sessions to your existing program when you want. That way your program can always adapt to your progress, schedule, and personal goals.

Premium Membership


This is where our members see all the benefits of Moulton Kettlebell Club become available at their fingertips. We developed a members only section of our site packed full of workouts, webinars, programs, exercise and corrective library, and exclusive content.

Custom Programming

We have multiple appointment options that will get you your results. What doesn't waver is our dedication to making sure your progress remains a priority. By providing semi-private options and keeping private training schedules open allows us to stay on top of your individual program. So, whether you need private training, rehabilitation, or occasional drop in for maintenance, we have options for everyone.

Ready To Get On The Road To Healthy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of services that cover semi-private to private sessions. Regardless of your option, everyone receives their consultation session, a follow-up session (if needed), an annual re-screen, and access to our online area where you can contact a trainer, download programs, attend and download webinars, and all members are free to contact any of us trainers at any time with their questions.
Members are given a variety of service options to meet their needs. These services range from semi-private appointments to full-service private sessions. Additionally, we have an extraordinary “All Access Member” area online that provides programs, forums, webinars, and live trainer Q&A.
This is a great question and one we love to answer because it allows us to learn more about your and your goals. All members complete a $90 consultation, after that majority continue with private 30-minute appointments that run $45 per appointment. Outside of these services we provide many free events including workshops, webinars, speaking events, and hands on services at local races..
It’s simple and efficient. To get scheduled for your consultation, head over to the Get Started page and select from the list. To learn more and get paired with the service that best fits your needs, submit your application and we will contact you to schedule your consultation. If you need assistance or prefer to talk to us directly, you can reach us at (402) 452-7598, or send us an e-mail.

Membership Levels



Per Month
  • Receive Our Members Only Newsletter
  • Priority Event Registration
  • Discounted Programs, Webinars, and PDFs
  • 25% Off Your Consultation
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Per Month
  • Unlimited Content at Your Fingertips
  • Priority Event Registration
  • Free Access to Live Webinars
  • Weekly Live Trainer Q&A Webinars
  • Unlimited Access to Workout, Flexibility, and Training Video Library
  • Free Workout/Training Programs, Webinars, eBooks, and PDFs
  • Full Access to Our Nutritional Program and Content
  • All-Access Member Pricing on Workshops, Events, and Services
  • Open Door Communication: 24/7 E-mail Support
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For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Why Work With Us?

We ask ourselves this, we ask our members this. It is a question that helps motivate us to always be better and do more for our members.

We put the experience and satisfaction of our members first. By providing our best quality service, we hope you leave with a high level of satisfaction.


We know that our philosophy and style of corrective strength training is not for everyone, but we do believe that everyone should find where they fit in best. If it’s not us, then we want to help you find that place.

What People Are Saying About Us

Moulton Kettlebell Club is an amazing way to discover what strength, movement and freedom feel like. MKC doesn't try to get you in “shape” they work to ensure that you will be able to enjoy every moment of your life because you know you have the strength, ability, perseverance and knowledge to tackle any obstacle that comes your way. Kris is an amazing trainer but more importantly a loving husband, father and friend. You are not a client at MKC you are family. Any trainer that understands the importance of Bells, Beer and Bacon is the best trainer there is!

Cody Bartlow

I've known and trained with Kris for 3 years and his level of commitment is unmatched. He has helped me on SO many levels, physically and mentally. His training style is far from “run of the mill”. Every workout is different and focused on my goals. Kris takes the time to listen and truly hear what I have to say and see what may be hindering my process. After I am done, I feel empowered, focused and encouraged to tackle my routine and day to day life. Kris is constantly bettering himself through continuing education, classes and research. His knowledge and insight stay with me long after our session is complete. Kris is WAY more than a trainer, he is a life coach and most importantly a friend!

Cara Bresette-Yates

I've been working with Kris for 2 years now and he is by far the best trainer I've ever had. He's truly invested in your well-being. I've had other trainers that just put you through the motions of a workout that they put every one of their other clients through. That's not what you will get with Kris. He works with each of his clients as individuals to help them with their goals. Your well-being from movement, strength and nutrition is his objective. Kris has a big heart and will put everything he has into helping you but he expects you to put the work in as well. I'm blessed to call him a friend now.

Charlotte Miles

Movement is life, and as a chiropractor, Moulton Kettlebell has a philosophy of movement that resonates within me. While pregnant with their second daughter, I was tag team trained by Kael and Kris, and it was a powerful experience; I felt strong, lost a few pounds of FAT, and, most importantly, ENJOYED intentionally moving with this family. If you are looking for a new and effective way to move, check out Moulton Kettlebell!

Lexi Meleski